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‘Deadbeat’ father allegedly batters his estranged wife over custody of their kids (photos)

A man has been accused of battering his estranged wife over custody of their kids.


Jerry Gbileve and Iember Abigail Jootar separated in 2018 over domestic violence and infidelity and Iember reportedly got custody of their kids, relatives revealed on Facebook.


The relatives alleged that for the two years they have been separated, Jerry has been a deadbeat father and Iember has been the one responsible for her children’s upkeep.

However, some weeks back, Jerry went to his estranged wife’s house in Makurdi when she was out running errands and took their kids from the nanny.


By the weekend, when he had not brought them back home so they could prepare for school the following week, Iember reportedly went to her estranged husband’s house on March 14, 2020, to get her kids but he beat her up and left her almost blind in one eye.

Relatives took to Facebook to share photos of the injuries Iember sustained. They claim that she has gotten custody of the kids but she now fears for her safety as her estranged husband has been threatening her.


Below are the photos and accounts from relatives.

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