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Billionaire giving away US$9 million to Twitter followers to see if money makes them happier

A Japanese billionaire will give away more than US$9 million to 1,000 people on Twitter to see if it improves their happiness. All they had to do to get it was retweet him.

Online shopping mogul Yusaku Maezawa will divvy up 1 billion yen (around $9 million) among the Twitter users. Winners will end up with a million yen each (roughly $9,100).

In an announcement on YouTube, the tech tycoon called the contest a “serious social trial” to see what impact a million yen could have on a person’s life.

In the video explaining the contest, Maezawa urged contestants to use the money “as they like” and to answer regular questionnaires about how they’re using it.

Almost everyone was eligible for the contest which ended on January 7. Over 4 million people participated and it is expected a lottery will determine those who chosen. Maezawa will personally notify them in a direct message within two to three days, while the impact of the money will be tracked through regular surveys.


He also held same contest in January 2019, promising 100 million yen roughly $914,000 to 100 Twitter users. Maezawa who is worth an estimated $2 billion according to Forbes, broke records through the contest as his January 2019 tweet became the most retweeted ever at the time with 4.68 million retweets. Winners of the January 2019 contest ended up with a bit more than $9,000 each.


The Japanese billionaire is said to be the first private passenger to fly around the moon with Elon Musk’s SpaceX. He is also known for his high spending on art, sports cars and his predilection for musing on ideas like a world without money.

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