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An Ogun woman’s refusal to let her young daughter be circumcised has torn her family apart.

The woman, Ogundeji Kemisola Deborah fled from Ogun State in 2019 with her daughter to escape her husband family, who are insisting that the little girl be circumcised. Her whereabouts are still unknown. However, her husband family is still trying to track her down.

Her Husband, Ogundeji Kunle Atanda, is from a royal family in Ewekoro Ogun State. His father, who was a traditional ruler, passed away in 2019, leaving Kunle Atanda as his successor.
As part of traditional rites, Ogundeji family demanded that all of the couple’s children must undergo circumcision.

Speaking to reporters about the issue, a member of Ogundeji family, stated that:
She (Kemisola) is not helping us, neither is she helping our daughter she has taken away. There are certain cultural practices that we adhere to in our land; some are avoidable while others are not. This practice of circum­cision is part of the unavoid­able ones. Kemisola cannot prevent us from carrying out cultural and traditional rites on our own blood. It is a must that we do the circumcision rites for the girl. Moreso, that the child is a princess, a daughter from the royal fami­ly of Ewekoro and possibly a future regent.

However, Kemisola family seems to be open to the idea of circumcising the little girl. A member of the family, who spoke on condition of anonymity said, “in our part of the world, it is the man who owns the child and has the final say over him or her.”

“Our daughter, Kemisola is more western-oriented than many of us. She has vowed not to allow any circumcision for her daughter. She says the practice might have an adverse effect on the girl in the future. We would have been able to intervene in the matter to ensure that peace reigns but right now, I can swear to you that we do not even know the whereabouts of Ogundeji and her child,” he/she said.
Ogundeji has expressed his love for his wife, urging her to come back to him. However, he insists that the circumcision must take place by all means.

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