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Woman Reveals She Had S*x in Hospital Bed Just Two Hours After Giving Birth.

A mum-of-four has revealed how she had sex in a hospital bed just two hours after giving birth. Deborah Hodge, 44, from London, got intimate with her then-partner shortly after the delivery of her fourth child in July 2013.

She was one of a group of mothers who opened up about what has conventionally been a taboo topic – talking about how soon they felt ready to have sex after pregnancy.

Deborah was among women who spoke to the The Sun exploring the question that many new parents may feel too shy to raise with their doctor – or even with one another.

She revealed she felt ready to have sex within a fortnight after each of her four children.

Speaking to the newspaper, she said: “As Amelia lay in her cot, my partner and I were having a cuddle on the bed, when before I knew it we were having sex.”

The mum said her fourth pregnancy with her new partner had been a “happy surprise”. She was 39 and he was 24, and she had not thought she could get pregnant again, she explained.



Deborah said she and her partner had remained intimate three to four times a week throughout the pregnancy.

She gave birth to baby Amelia at 8pm on July 25, 2013, and said she was given a private room to recover in.

She added the the epidural pain relief she had been given might have been a factor, and explained why she felt no discomfort.

“There was just this incredible closeness between us. I didn’t feel sexy, but I did feel special… I couldn’t believe we’d done it – I put it down to all the drugs I was on,” she told the newspaper.

She said she and her partner were able to make love again three days after she returned home from hospital, taking care to avoid splitting their stitching.

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