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Postman ‘died’ after cardiac arrest then came back to life on way to morgue

Medics were left dumbfounded when a post man who had ‘died’ of cardiac arrest came back to life as he was being wheeled to the morgue.

Joao Araujo, 48, bent over at the wheel while taking his wife to work, and after six hours of trying to bring him back, doctors told his family he’d died. But, as nurses were wheeling him from intensive care to the morgue, they noticed he was moving and tests revealed circulation had spontaneously returned to Mr Araujo’s heart.

Araujo was able to return to work there weeks after the incident.

A group of medics said there was no exact explanation for what happened to him.

Araujo is known as the ‘Miracle Man’ on the cardiac ward at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital where he resurrected 10 years ago.


Postman dubbed a miracle after he


Sharing his story 10 years on,  Araujo, from Linden, Gloucester, said:


It changed me. I give more value to all the things every day. Every single day.

I say thank you that I am alive, I say thank you that I have a job.

I give more value to my family and my friends.

When I was at the hospital they had no explanation for my problem so people started calling me the ‘Miracle Man’.

Unlike everything else in the body below the eyes, they said that the brain is a mystery, it’s like a Pandora’s Box.

They did not have the knowledge to know the reason behind what happened. Doctors can’t believe I am alive without any damage in my heart, brain or body.

Araujo visits the cardiology ward every six months for a check-up and is still known by staff as the ‘Miracle Man’.

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