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White Model Who ‘Changed Race’ Claims She’s ‘Helping’ Black Women. (Photos)

Martina Big, the white model, born in Germany, who claims to have ‘changed race’ after several extreme tan injections, has boldly stated that she is helping to empower black women with her own appearance.

Following a recent seven-week trip to Kenya to learn about ‘tribal culture’, Martina insists that she’s been asked by village elders to teach their girls to love their dark skin, despite not actually being genetically black.

She also told the Daily Star that she wanted to help show the world that “black is not second class”.

When asked if she feels as though she is empowering black women, Martina told the publication: “Yeah! And also a lot of people have invited me to come to their town and said ‘I have read about you, you must come to our village and teach our girls that black is beautiful, show us that black is beautiful’.”

The former air hostess, who has undergone a number of procedures including splurging on £50,000 breast implants thought to be the biggest in Europe, claims that the black people she has met want to be her friend and ask her for a photo or an autograph.

She added: “For me, a lot of black girls have written to me and said ‘I like you because you show me that black people can be strong without being white’.

“In Africa and some other parts (of the world) they were born black and tried to be paler because somebody told them that being white is more successful and black is second class.

“But I can show them that black is not second class and I try to explain this in the media.”

During her trip to Kenya , Martina, who along with her husband Michael has undergone injections of melanin to darken the colour of their skin, was also baptised ‘Malaika Kubwa’.

She claimed her new Swahili name made her “a real African woman”.


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