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Mental Health: Private medical facility launches free 24/7 telephonic counseling

Mentally retarded persons
Mentally retarded persons

Moved by the increasing incidence of varied mental disorders including depression and suicide, a private medical facility in Lagos has launched a FREE 24/7 telephonic counseling services.

Dr Maymunnah Kadiri, Medical Director, Pinnacle Medical Services, told the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Lagos that the gesture was necessitated by the challenges facing mental healthcare in Nigeria.

Mrs Kadiri said the services would be given by trained counsellors, therapists and psychologists.

“In recent times, the number of Nigerians with mental disorders has increased. Sadly, this is an aspect of health that has generally been treated with levity arising from ignorance, denial, discrimination and stigma.

“We are adding our voice to this societal menace by providing the services free to Nigerians; it is a 24/7 telephonic counselling from trained counsellors, therapists and psychologists.

“We encourage people to call now and also urge people to tell others to call,’’ Kadiri, who is a consultant neuro-psychiatrist said.

According to her, the telephonic counselling is a corporate social responsibility from the facility in collaboration with Pinnacle Medical Speakout Initiative and Pinnacle Health Radio.

Mrs Kadiri gave the helplines as: 0906 093 9437 and 0701 676 4605.

She encouraged people to also use and follow #mentalhealthhelp, #counselling, #therapy, #helplines, #emotionalsupport, #pinnaclemedicalservices and #psychologicalhelp as well as visit www.pinnaclemedicalservices.com.ng.

Mrs Kadiri urged Nigerians to adopt diverse positive measures to reduce stress and depression in the country.

According to her, “We are dealing with a lot of issues; businesses are falling, things are expensive, cash is hard to come by and basic amenities are lacking.’’

“This is taking a toll on the mental health of Nigerians; it makes people vulnerable to becoming suicidal, aggressive, violent, unruly, corrupt and other anti-social behaviours.

“The statistics may not be there, but by observations, people are bottling up their emotions and challenges, instead of speaking out.
“There is a need for people to speak out; let us not be intimidated and bottle up our anxieties and frustrations.

“We have to get the `garbages’ inside of us out; it is the rock to breaking the barrier and reducing stigma; people are encouraged to seek help.

“If you can’t talk to people you see, please call the 24/7 telephonic helplines on 0906 093 9437 and 0701 676 4605, where you will get counselling from trained counsellors, therapists and psychologists,’’ Mrs Kadiri advised.

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