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Drama As Woman Catches Her Cheating ‘Impotent’ Husband With His Lover In Public, Grabs His Manhood.

There was a mild drama after a wife caught her husband and his side chick off-guard in public and embarrassed them.

The scorned wife unleashed her wrath on the two after they failed to give answers to her questions. She first attacked the girlfriend identified Carol Matanga, before turning to her husband who was already trembling with fear.

The incident caused a huge scene at 9th Avenue and George Silundika Street in Zimbabwe where the incident occurred on Christmas Eve, giving Passers-by a free movie to watch as the two lovebirds were embarrassed in public.

Carol, tried to calm the situation by telling the woman that she didn’t that the man was married but got a bashing for ‘being stupid.”

Her husband’s efforts to restrain her were not fruitful and was also slapped before his wife pulled his man_hood.

“You have been lying claiming that you are now impotent, but you are busy with your girlfriend. You are even failing to support your five children because of this woman. Today I will teach you a lesson,” she said.

When the woman turned to her husband, Caro attempted to flee the scene. The embarrassed man tried to follow suit after he saw people busy taking pictures and videos of the drama, he got inside Chronicle building, but unfortunately, the security guard chased them out.

The lovebirds were then saved by a man driving a South African registered vehicle who offered them transport and they drove away.

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