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American rapper’s sneakers stolen while performing on stage– VIDEO

a video surfaced on Twitter showing American rapper Desiigner momentarily pausing his performance in Nairobi to recover his sneakers that were being ‘stolen’.

The rapper, who performed over the weekend in Nairobi at the Jameson Connect concert held at the Water Front Mall, Karen, mingled with the crowd while being carried shoulder high by one of his security men.

He however had to pause and request the security team to recover his sneakers that were being removed from his feet.

The rapper continued to perform, albeit with one bare foot and the other covered in a sock.

Nairobi fans almost made away with his wristwatch, prompting the musician to protest.

“This is not cool at all ya’ll, I came all the way from America to sing for you and someone out here is trying to take what he didn’t work for. That is not how we do things,” he told the crowd.

[Lawal Lateef D]@Latchenko

Desiigner screaming for his life and sneakers 🤣🤣

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The video has been shared widely on Twitter, with Nigerians mocking Kenyans on Twitter by linking the incident to the derisive comments made by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Kenya’ thieving youth.

A Nigerian commented; “Desiigner went to perform in Kenya and the fans stole his sneakers. And I thought we have seen it all in Nigeria. 😁😁😁😁.”

Another added; “Shebi they paid him in full for the show, he should go and get other sneakers abeg 😂🤣😅.”

A Kenyan stated; “No wonder the President said he’d rather have a 91 year old on the youth sports fund.”

Another added; “Someone saw it as “Payback time” pesa ya ticket irudishwe 😂.”

A Kenyan claimed; “New level unlocked. No longer stealing from the guys attending, the new improved thugs are paying 4k to steal from the performers.

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