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If your church can’t change your life, change your church – General overseer who rejected Rolls Royce car gift declares

The General Overseer of Omega Power Ministries in Port Harcourt, Apostle Gift Chinyere, who built free school, hospitals, recently shocked his congregation by rejecting a Rolls Royce car gift during his birthday celebration.

Legit.ng regional reporter in Port Harcourt, Tony Ihunwo, who conducted investigation on how the church impacts the lives of people of the state, especially the indigents, gives the details.

Perhaps besides his philanthropy, what shocked the world and probably embarrassed his fellow general overseers was his rejection of a Roll Royce birthday gift on October 29, this year. He is Apostle Gift Chinyere, the General Overseer, Omega Power Ministries in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

In a rare display of generosity to the children of the devout members of the Omega Power Ministries (OPM) and the general public, most of who are the poorest on lowest rungs of the ladder of society, Apostle Chinyere, opened one of the six ultra-modern OPM free schools, Rukpuokwu in Obio-Akpor local government council area amidst jubilation.

Apostle Chinyere who has been a strong advocate that tithes and offerings paid or donated by members of the church should be used for the enjoyment of the members of the church and the poor of the society by providing welfare-driven services. The school was commissioned on Saturday, August 18. This is sixth of free schools the OPM church uses the tithes and offerings from the church to build.

According to OPM GO: “We will continue to build free schools to provide quality education for orphans, children of widows and children from less privileged home and give them very high quality education with free school uniforms, free school books, free school bags, free sandals and also free lunch.

One of the OMP free schools in Port Harcourt.

Due to the style of preaching by Apostle Chinyere, OPM has suddenly had an human explosion of devotees. It was gathered that he has rehabilitated thousands of self confessed armed robbers, members of the killer cult gangs, prostitutes converted from brothels in Diobu in Port Harcourt. Most of those converted are trained in a variety of skills and trade they chose to ply.

The man of God who firmly believes that God’s money should be used for God’s people and that schools owned by churches should be free has gone a step further to open another free school for the children of orphans, widows and the less privilege. In the past, Daddy Chinyere, as he is fondly called, has sponsored free health care services to communities in the remote villages of both Rivers and Abia states.

The newly built OPM free school isn’t just any kind of school but the best of its kind. It has an environment that is serene and conducive enough for learning. A modern and beautifully patterned classrooms that are equipped with water dispensers, comfortable desks and chairs, marker boards, modern facilities and air conditioners so on that the children have a relaxed learning environment.

Also, the classrooms are built in such a way that every classroom has a modern toilet attached to it. A sick bay staffed by qualified first aid attendants. The sickbay which would open only during school hours would have qualified nurses on ground to provide basic first aid care in the case of any eventualities like injury and sickness which is common with school children.

A tour round the new school showed that the school is equipped with the state of art technologies and equipment such as a fully equipped laboratory, a fully stocked library, a workshop and a standard computer room.

It also has fully equipped play ground where the children can unwind and have fun, a football pitch and basketball court for recreational activities. Apostle Chinyere during the opening ceremony said:

“I am fully aware of the growing number of children who are not fortunate enough to have the leisure of an education that is why we are not tired of opening this kind of free schools thereby reducing the number of children who could have turned out to be societal menace due to the lack of education and also giving their lives a meaning.”

One of the OMP free hospital in Port Harcourt.

A member of the church, Frank Emenike said: “This is another clear indication that Apostle Chibuzor Gift Chinyere is truly a man of God with compassion and love and is committed to reaching out to as many people as possible.“

Apostle Chinyere admonishes members of denominations that it is evil and a sin for preachers and General Overseers to enrich themselves from the tithes and offerings of members build schools and universities but unable to afford it due to the exorbitant school fees.

He had in June this year rededicated and renamed its free restaurant after one of Dapchi schoolgirl in Boko Haram captivity, Miss Leah Sharibu.

Speaking during the re-dedication and renaming of the OPM free restaurant at Rumuagholu, in Port Harcourt, on Friday, June 8, the cleric charged Rivers state youth involved in criminal activities including kidnapping and prostitution, among other negative vices to desist and emulate the faith of little Sharibu.

Leah is the only Dapchi schoolgirl among the 110 others abducted by Boko Haram this year in Yobe state, who is still being held for refusing to renounce her faith in Jesus Christ. He said:

“We decided to rename this OPM free restaurant, which has been in existence for the past five years, in honour of our beloved sister, Leah Sharibu, in solidarity with the exceptional faith she showed to the world that Jesus Christ was the only answer to all human problems, no matter the pressure.

Surely, God said ‘weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” Chinyere reminded the congregation that they must hold on to their faith no matter the challenges of life just as little Leah did not to renounce Jesus Christ, but rather stood firm as did the three Hebrew brothers, Daniel, Shedrach and Abednigo, despite their sufferings by Satan, adding that Miss Sharibu stands as a symbol, hero and an icon of faith to all in the world, especially those that would come into the restaurant to eat.

He restated his resolve to offer free scholarship to the highest level of education to Leah, once she regains freedom, adding that construction work was already ongoing on a three bedroom flat he promised her parents, noting that in the soonest Leah would be set free by her abductors as the body of Christ was praying fervently for her release.

He charged other churches to emulate the free-spirit driving the 11-year old OPM’s success in transforming lives positively, frowned that many churches were not impacting lives positively with their huge offerings, tithes, and seeds of faith due to greed and corruption that have beclouded many men of God.

“When Jesus Christ came to spread the gospel and the people were hungry, He gave them both physical and spiritual foods to eat. This is why I make it a point of duty to ensure that every Sunday, we have food for those who need it, and are able to come to church.

The man of God emphasized that apart from the skills acquisition training, rehabilitation of militants, giving of physical foods to the hungry, over 30 ex-militants have also been assisted to gain meaningful employment the church also embarks on other charitable works.

He further listed them to include eight different estates built donated to less privileged persons, extending alms to prisoners by availing them opportunity to acquire computer and tailoring skills while in prison, so they could be useful to themselves and society after life in prisons, opening of businesses for their wives, providing platform for educating their children in schools, among others.

In his remarks, president, OPM divine distributors, Chief Matt Offeh, extolled the worthy contributions of Chinyere’s to peace and social stability in the state through his selfless services, affirming that in OPM, there was no social stratification on the basis of class or tribe.

Offeh stressed that OPM’s mission was to bring salvation to the needy, rather than Christians, through the provision of economic and spiritual foods to sinners who were hungry for Christ’s love and care.

Apostle Chinyere on October 29, Apostle Chinyere, shocked his congregation when he played host to about a million church parishioners, friends and well-wishers all under one roof at his 580 plots of land Mbodo Aluu Omega Power Ministries in Port Harcourt for his birthday.

He was presented with a Rolls Royce at the occasion but he rejected it. He gave his reasons in a chat with Journalists. He said:

“Can you just imagine that my church elders came together and bought a Rolls Royce car gift for me, but I rejected it? Why? I told them to sell the Rolls Royce saloon car and use the money to build 30 more free schools for poor pupils whose parents cannot afford to pay fees.

“From the Bible reading of John Chapter 21 verses 6… are today are disciples doing the right thing? Read John chapter 8 verses 32″ And Ye shall Know the truth and the truth shall set you free…” that certain caliber of people are doing the wrong thing does not make it right.

“Every pastor in town is building private schools using church offerings and tithes in building big schools and put the fees at some say N500,000 to N700,000 per child.

“This is wicked. Early missionaries came with the building of missionary hospitals, Missionary schools and the worst thing is that most of the pastors building big schools and charging prohibitive fees all of them attended Missionary Schools.

“Omega Power Ministries is not just a church, but it is a Movement to reposition the people. God sent me on a Mission saying “’my son they can hate you but you have to do the right thing. There is Cabals in Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria—PFN and I refused to join them.

“Once you join them they will tie your mouth and you will be defeated. Many people will not understand what OPM is doing in building free schools; I am ready to starve myself to feed the poor.

OPM Free restaurant is Open to all whether you worship with OPM or not I am ready to sleep on the street to accommodate the poor.

“There is need for free schools in most parts of the country such as in Ondo state, Lagos state, Imo state, Rolls Royce car for my Birthday, why should I drive Rolls Royce car when there are many children not going to school.?

One of the OMP free schools in Port Harcourt. Photo credit: Tony Ihunwo “We need to open free schools, material things do not move me what moves me is Heaven, in Heaven you don’t age as you are renewed.

I don’t need a Rolls Royce I need more money to build more free schools. I built free estates and I went and brought free girls (prostitutes) and accommodated them.

I first got them Baptized 36 of them 9 are now married.” He further listed them to include eight different estates built donated to less privileged persons, extending alms to prisoners by availing them opportunity to acquire computer and tailoring skills while in prison, so they could be useful to themselves and society after life in prisons, opening of businesses for their wives, providing platform for educating their children in schools, among others.

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