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What I expect from my boyfriend on my birthday – Olive Utalor

Budding Nollywood actress, Olive Utalor adds another year, today, October 28, 2018 and she would be celebrating it like most Nollywood divas do with release of beautiful pictures.

As expected, she would be expecting gifts from friends and well wishers but, according to her, there’s a gift that would be priceless to her.

“Absolutely there’s no lady without someone special in their life and that leads me to say I truly have a boyfriend,” she said in a chat with Potpourri.

“He is such a cool dude, very articulate and strict, handsome, benevolent   with a God-fearing heart.

Sincerely,   I would expect him to give me a reliable assurance   on my birthday as a gift. Simply because I need a brand new exclusive car. Just for the nature of my job,mind you, it doesn’t mean I am a materialistic woman, it’s good you speak your mind always. .And it would be the greatest gift I would have on my birthday,” she added.

Olive Utalor has featured in films like Wasted Authority, Ulaku, Battle of True Love and many others.

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