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Confusion over Adikwu, Offa robbery prime suspect

There is confusion over Michael Adikwu, the prime suspect in Offa robbery, who is speculated to have died after he was no longer paraded with other suspects.

Michael Adikwu

On Thursday, April 5, a 22-man gang had attacked Offa, Kwara State, killing nine police officers and carting away millions of naira from Union Bank,Gt Bank,Eco Bank,First Bank,Zenith Bank and Ibolo Micro Finance Bank in the town. But since Sunday ,June 3, Adikwu was no longer among the suspects paraded at press conference at the Force Headquarters in Abuja. It has been revealed that Adikwu, in his late 30s, may have died in detention. “The truth is that Michael Adikwu has died in detention, so he can never be paraded again. He died in the presence of other suspects,from where his remains was taken away”, a source said. The source did not disclose the circumstances of the death.’ Before his alleged death, Adikwu was said to have told police officers during interrogation that it was deliberate that he personally killed some police officers during the heist. “I was formerly working with Kwara State Police Command Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). I was dismissed for allowing detained suspected armed robbers to escape. It was not my fault, it was a gang-up against me’’, he was quoted as saying. “Go and ask. I was one of the finest policemen at SARS, Kwara State Command. I undertook most of the difficult tasks. But for just one mistake which was not my fault, I got kicked out of the force. I was not given fair-hearing, so I now hate everything about the police. “The killing of the policemen was not a mistake, but quite deliberate. I see them as all the same.’’. Adikwu also said that it took him about three weeks to plan the Offa heist,stressing that, as a resident, he knew Offa like the back of his hand. However, the Public Relations Officer of Kwara State Police Command,Ajayi Okasanmi, denied that Adikwu was dead. “Whoever is saying he is dead is not saying the truth.Michael is alive and well. He is helping us with investigation. He is our prime suspect,very special to us .It’s a deliberate strategy that we withdraw him from the public.At the right time,the police will bring him out again.” When prodded further on update on police investigation on the Offa robbery, he said,”The investigation is being handled in our headquarters in Abuja. When the time is ripe,the public will be briefed again”.

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